Why adopt the Labradorite Stone?

The Labradorite Stone , famous for its iridescent reflections and metallic shine, is recognized for its powerful protective properties. It acts as a shield against negative energies and reinforces the positive energies of the wearer.

Who is the Labradorite Stone for?

The Labradorite Stone is ideal for therapists, people working in busy environments, or anyone wanting to protect themselves from outside influences while developing their own intuition and spiritual abilities.

The history and symbolism of the Labradorite Stone

The Labradorite Stone takes its name from the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, where it was discovered. It has been appreciated for centuries by indigenous peoples for its protective and healing properties, as well as for its captivating beauty, reflecting the colors of the light spectrum.

The healing properties of Labradorite Stone

The Labradorite Stone is recognized for its many virtues:

  • It protects against negative energies and energy leaks.
  • It promotes intuition, mental clarity and the awakening of psychic abilities.
  • It helps overcome loneliness, fear and insecurity.
  • It stimulates imagination and creativity, helping to find new and original solutions.
  • It balances energies, bringing harmony and peace of mind.

How to choose and where to find your Labradorite Stone?

The Labradorite Stone can be found at retailers specializing in precious stones and lithotherapy. When choosing your stone, pay attention to the quality of the reflections and the absence of cracks. Where the stone came from and how it was treated is also important to ensure its authentic properties and energy.

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